Founder Story

BMUG Skincare, pronounced as, [bee-mug] is rooted in all-things natural and plant based. With our holistic approach and getting back to simplicity, we believe that what you put on your body is just as important as what goes into it — Self-care shouldn’t be complicated or intimidating, it should be rewarding.

Our mission is to eliminate the guesswork so you can rid yourself of the stress of where to begin when it comes to taking care of your skin & leveling up your self care experience.


The importance of beauty and skincare has been a key highlight within all of the women in my family. I remember my mother being adamant and instilling in me, to always take care of my skin at a very early age — So much so that, she was careful with the products she’d use on me as a child because I struggled with dry, sensitive skin and I was allergic to nearly everything.

I carried this struggle with me until I decided to make a lifestyle change by getting back to simplicity and catering to my body and skin's needs in a holistic way.

In 2014, I started BMUG Skincare with the intent of offering a line of products that were not available for those who shared similar skin concerns as me.

At the time, diversity and representation within the skincare industry, was nonexistent and I was inspired to be a source of change. I knew there were people who were just like me, looking for skincare that catered to their needs and I was determined to create, perfect and offer the best, organically sourced skincare products.

Over the course of 10 years, our brand has blossomed into something I could have never imagined it to be and honestly, we’re just getting started — Thank you to our amazing community of loyal customers and supporters, you are the reason why we continue to thrive and do what we love!

— Founder & CEO