Skinfluencer application

Have a love for creating content?

Great! You're just who we're looking for.


As a BMUG Skincare influencer you will promote BMUG Skincare products throughout your social media platforms and share with your community of supporters.

You’ll provide us with video content of you using and incorporating our products into your daily routine, we encourage you to share your most authentic, enthusiastic self with our growing and like-minded audience.

You will be expected to participate in marketing our brand on all social media platforms, this includes blogs as well.

It is important to be knowledgeable with our brand, to be well versed on ingredients, usage, specific details and names of each product in order to properly spread the word.


Below are specific guidelines of our requirements:

• Post at least 1-2x high quality video(s) of you using BMUG’s products, at minimum, monthly. Photos will not be accepted.

Visual context and overall quality of content is very important, this will increase promotion & drive in the earnings you will receive.

• Be respectful, positive and welcoming, in a positive way when creating content.

• Refrain from cross-promoting our brand with another brand, the focal point should only be BMUG's products.

• Ensure to include links to our products, website and social media platforms, as well as information about our company. Don’t forget to incorporate your exclusive discount code!


• Support & Promotion
In exchange for your content, we will consistently support and promote you as one of our influential leaders in the skincare community.

• Free Skincare + Exclusive Discount Code
We’ll provide free promotional skincare products, either of your choice or specific item(s) of our choosing, plus an exclusive discount code that you will share via social media (i.e. Instagram, TikTok, Twitter etc.).

• Commission on Item(s) Sold
Once you share your exclusive discount code; For every individual who uses that code on any of our products – you’ll earn up to 15% of their total purchase order, for as long as you remain in our skinfluencer program.

How to apply

How we choose our potential skinfluencers, is based on your enthusiasm, consistency and community engagement. Content writing, photography and social media handling skills are key factors and are very important, but above all we’re looking for authenticity and active involvement.

Your job as an influencer is simple: Genuinely and passionately represent the spirit of BMUG Skincare over the course of 6 months of your influencership.

Key Requirements to have prior to submission:

- Social Media profile must be a creator and/or business account (Personal accounts or personal content will not suffice)

- Profile must showcase prior or current, relevent content (i.e.; Skincare/lifestyle reels and/or photos}

- Must have 1,000 followers at minimum